Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Portland and Jay

Despite the rain, we had a nice time at the Holiday Book Fair in Portland. It is always good to spend time with other writers, to compare notes and talk about our writing experiences. A Isn't for Fox was well received and will be under several trees on Christmas morning.

I just returned from spending the day with the third and fourth graders at Jay Elementary. It is a joy to visit in a school with great teachers and wonderful students. The kids asked great questions, were very observant and had a great time with our Lego activity. The children attending Jay Elementary are lucky students, indeed!

I find that the more I do school visits the more I love doing them. So it is hard hearing that budgets are already frozen for the year and that there are more cuts coming from the state. This means no more new books for the library and in some cases, no more librarians. Please consider volunteering at your child's or grandchild's school or asking if there is anything you can do to help a classroom.
Our children's education is too important to ignore - adopt a classroom, you'll get as much out of it as the kids.

Have a great Holiday Season.