Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to School

Last week I began my volunteer work in second grade. I don't remember knowing as much in second grade as these students do! They are also, however, still innocent in many regards and that is refreshing. They love to laugh and are quick to see the humor in everyday life. A valuable trait to retain if you can manage it. We began with a math lesson and it was so interesting because it wasn't the math that gave them trouble, it was the language used to communicate the problem that caused us to stumble. A valuable lesson for an author working on math related stories!

My second day was spent working in the writing center. I was surprised at how young the idea begins that we don't have anything to write about. But by posing questions regarding an experience, they soon were writing away and adding great illustrations to their stories. We think are lives are ordinary and uninteresting, but to others our lives are unique and different. We can all write about something!

Well, I received a final version of Harry - the bunny who is the star of the next book. He is a very friendly and innocent rabbit and I am quite pleased with his final form. The cover sketch is fun and will surely catch the eye with its bright colors. You can start looking for Zero, Zilch, Nada:Counting to None sometime in spring 2010.

I have now added the ability to receive an online brochure of my school visit information. You can email me and I will email back an attachment with the brochure. I will let everyone know when the brochure for the new book is available and when those visits can start.

Enjoy these beautiful fall days!