Friday, September 25, 2009

A Beautiful Fall

We have been enjoying beautiful weather here in Maine for the past several weeks. After a short taste of the summer that wasn't, the first coastal frost is forcast for tonight. The tomatoes never turned red, so I guess fried green tomatoes are on the menu!

Last weekend I attended a workshop for published authors focused on school visits and marketing. It is amazing just how much time must be devoted to promoting and marketing, as publishers now consider your willingness to do that in deciding whether to accept a manuscript for publication. I know I spend many hours researching publishers, bookstores and book events.

I have received the third set of sketches for the next book and am creating a visual literacy unit to offer to art classes as well as my regular presentations. There is a great progression from one set to another allowing for discussion surrounding why changes are made and how consistency must be maintained. For the younger grades, I am creating math related activities, as well as writing process fun. We hope that the publication process will speed up now that the most technical concept pages have been finalized. It is so hard to wait!!!

"Fox" received a nice blog mention on the blog of Heide Kaisand. Heide is a nationally known quilt personality who gave several presentations at our shop. She has a son and twin girls, so we presented her with a signed copy of "Fox." She posted a nice blog entry and picture about the book. Thanks, Heide! Her blogs about Bath, ME and Mariner's Compass Quilt Shop were quite fun, also.

I begin my second grade volunteering next week and am quite excited to begin. I haven't met any of the kids yet, but hope to write about them as we explore writing and math together this year. They keep me grounded in what it really is like to be growing up today.

I must go out now and bring in the plants - I never know where I am going to put them. Until next time, read, write and enjoy life:)