Monday, November 5, 2012

New Directions

Although my attempts to get another manuscript under contract have failed lately, I find new opportunities arising. Last winter as I sat at LL Beans during a holiday book signing event, I began playing with the idea of writing a Maine version of the 12 Days of Christmas. The result, My Twelve Maine Christmas Days,celebrationg many of the gifts of Maine. As luck would have it, I mentioned it to a music teacher colleague who happened to be looking for another song for her 4th graders to sing in their December concert! I am very excited to hear my piece performed and hope it will help move it toward book form.

I am currently spending several hours a week in two libraries researching for a three day workshop I will be presenting at the Lura Libby School in Thomaston next spring. I am over the moon excited about this project, but can't give away any of the fun just yet :) But rest assure, its success is written in the stars.

Today I met with a teacher from the Bowdoin Central School. They are currently applying for a grant to build a permanent story walk on the school grounds. Students move to different kiosks in various ways - skipping, hopping, etc.- and read the next page of the book at each station. Literacy and health combined!
Fingers crossed that the grant is approved and A Isn't for Fox becomes the initial book on the walk.

I have been contacted about being part of the Young Authors Day at a school in Auburn. This, too, sounds very interesting and I hope I will be asked to be a part of that celebration. So, although the publishing door seems to be closed right now, there is a definite draft from the open windows!