Monday, October 22, 2012

Being creative

I am excited to be offered the chance to be involved in two creative and new school experiences. I am beginning research today for a project with the Lura Libby School in Thomaston. I had a great visit there last winter and have been invited back for a multi day workshop. This year's visit will involve all the grades, with a unifying theme. My head is spinning with ideas, so the brainstorming will come first and then some organization and then the details.

The second exciting opportunity is with the Bowdoin school. They are working on a grant for a Story Walk and have asked for my input and ideas. I love this project and can't wait to see where it leads - on a story walk, I hope!

Big thanks to the Dike Newell School and the Patten Free Library for their generous offers of time and resources.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Living in two worlds

This summer I found myself writing more - not stories, but quilt patterns! Little did I know how much I would enjoy designing new quilts or that quilters would actually buy the patterns. So as I have busily designed on graph paper, learned a computer program and did photography for pattern covers, I  neglected my story side for a while. But with an invitation to "perform" at the first assembly in a local school, the writing gene kicked back in:)  I successfully wrote, memorized and performed a new piece to 200 students and staff and it felt good.

So I have now submitted a piece for consideration and am waiting to hear from an agent about representing me and my unpublished math books. As the fall progresses, and I have already been contacted about school events, I will have to learn how to survive living in both worlds - I can't imagine giving up either one.