Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I smell Spring!

OK - so maybe I am pushing it a little. But there have been times, like today, where it feels like there is a touch of spring in the air. The wind still has a nip to it, but the sun feels different and the earth smells fresher.

I visited the Kindergartens today at the Dike Newell School in Bath, Me. It was great fun and they wrote very informative poems about owls. I was impressed. This is the same school where I volunteer in the second grade. Our Community Reads program is moving along nicely and we are all learning quite a lot about the many different careers in our town. We are planning on displaying our poster gallery of community readers at the annual Art Show on April 1st. We are all getting excited!

I have applied to attend a writer's workshop at the Haystack Mountain School of Arts and Craft this summer. The teacher is Naomi Shabib Nye, a fabulous writer of both children's literature and poetry. I am crossing fingers and toes in hopes of being accepted.

Check out the catalogue at Sleeping Bear's web site. Click on catalogue, then go to the last page (273) and check out the last book listed. That's right - Zero, Zilch, Nada:Counting to None! Better last, than not at all:)
I am still awaiting notice that the illustrations are complete and it is going to press. It's best not to think about it too much and just move on to other projects.

I have been working on more concept books, especially using math in the story line. Those second graders are really teaching me new ways to think about math. I am actually beginning to enjoy numbers!

Time to get back to research and writing. Take a break and read a book - the work will wait!