Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Sweet Time in Hershey

What a great weekend in Pennsylvania!

A huge thank you to the staff at ZooAmerica - especially Elaine, the Education Coordinator, who did coordinate everything. There were milk and cookies for the radio winners, a colorful sign announcing the event, animal handlers and a great spot for the signing between the bears and the otters. She also brought carpet squares so we could have impromptu readings and just thought of everything. Thanks also to the Hershey marketing people, especially Kathy, who got the contest on the radio and posted announcements at the other Hershey attractions.

Of course, the people I really go to PA to see were 'ginormous' in the success of this weekend - my family. My sister Kim was the go-fer, chauffer and inn keeper; I think she knows every cow path short cut in Lebanon and Lancaster counties. My niece Ann, who works at ZooAmerica and first approached me about the visit, handled Hoover, the vulture, throughout the signing. She was amazing, even when Hoover thought flying away was a better idea than being on display. Ann's husband, Steve, handled the book sales and kept us all laughing - you don't want to know! Their girls, Julia and Elizabeth were great helpers, telling folks about Spritz, the desert tortoise that shared the table with me, and giving me a tour of the zoo.
My sister Judy and her husband Jerry were the overall support team, helping set things up, showing the little screech owl to visitors and generally being there whenever we needed something. Although they couldn't join us on Sunday, we did get to visit with my sister Kyle and her husband Ron and sons Aaron and Rich. They spent Sunday at daughter Jesse's horse show at Delaware Valley College. There is nothing better than being able to share a wonderful happening with people you love - thank you to my family. I am truly blessed.

The visitors to the zoo were also great. A special hello to Paige, Megan, Andrew 1 and Andrew 2 and Happy Birthday to Isabella. It was great to see extended family and old friends. A special thank you to Tim and the youth group that brought books to be donated to the schools.

This weekend we are off to Fox Tales Books in New Durham, NH on Saturday, not sure if it is at 11 am or 12 noon. I will post the time after I talk with Mary. I am happy we could reschedule this visit and look forward to a shorter car ride!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


It was a beautiful Saturday in Salem. The forsythia and daffodils were blooming and the magnolias were in full bud. The trees were budding out also. We had a fun visit at Cornerstone Books and enjoyed meeting the "regulars" for Saturday story hour. If you are ever in Salem, check out this friendly, comfortable book store.

I am off to PA on Thursday for a visit with family and the fun event at the Hershey Zoo. I'll let you know next week if the animals liked the book! Enjoy the sun and warm temperatures.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Off to Salem

Just a quick update - after a weekend in the quilt store instead of on the road, we are off to Salem, MA this weekend. We will be at Cornerstone Books at 10:30am for story hour and then signing. We (husband and I) are looking forward to seeing family and good friends. If you are in the area, stop by and say hello.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fox Tales Rescheduled

Our visit to Fox Tales Books in New Durham NH has been rescheduled for Saturday, May 3. We are a bit bummed out as we have really been looking forward to visiting Mary McHale's shop, but we are happy it could be rescheduled so soon.

The change is due to a good problem - there aren't any books available! The warehouses in our part of the world are out of stock and waiting for the new shipments due April 14th.

If you are out and about, we'll see you at Mariner's Compass Quilt Shop this weekend and then in Salem, MA on April 19 at Cornerstone Books.

Monday, April 7, 2008

South Portland, Brunswick and Bangor

A big thank you to the folks at the area Borders for hosting a great event for teachers this weekend and having me be part of the event. A special thanks to Gibran for his efforts on behalf of teachers all year!

Many listeners of MPR turned out at South Portland Saturday morning to hear Isn't and purchase a signed copy. Also a special thank you to Doreen for the generous offer of a place to stay in Vermont should I venture forth for more signings. A special hello to Daniel, Julia, Silvio, Halla and Happy Birthday to Henry! It is always humbling when former students bring their children to meet you. What a blessing, also, to be a part of a child's early reading experience - there were some wonderful early readers who in kindergarten were able to figure out 'kerplopping'!

Saturday afternoon brought us closer to home in Bruswick. I arrived early to see friends waiting to have their books signed. A visit by a former school administrator brought on some laughs about writing Isn't during meetings. A special hello to Maddie, Claire and Julia!

Sunday I was off to Bangor. I had a good feeling before I even entered the store and my radar was right on! The store was busy with families and shoppers, Gibran was right inside the door greeting teachers and there was good karma. Once again, there were people waiting to have their books signed and we had some fun conversations about teaching. There was a nice crowd to listen to the book and I think the daddies laughed the most! Another former student came to say hello and fill me in on his music teaching career. A special hello to Cole and Kelsey and Happy 5th Birthday to Rebecca. But the happy fates weren't finished with me yet. As I looked towards the front door,the best part of the day began. There stood my sister, Kim, and her fiancee, Bob. Bob flew into PA on Friday and Saturday they drove to CT and Sunday to Bangor to surprise me. I couldn't talk for about five minutes and I am still smiling!
Could a busy weekend end any better than that!!

Amanda , Conner and I are off to Fox Tales Books in New Durham NH next Saturday. We will be much too close to Keepsake Quilting to ignore that side trip:) If you are in the area, stop in and say hello.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

In Print

Wow! What a wild day this has been. The Bangor Daily News ran an article today about the book, as did the Times Record. You can read both articles by googling the newspapers. I want to send a big thank you to Elizabeth Lardie - a former student of mine:) - for the great job she did both when interviewing me and in the final piece. Well done!! It is always a bit unnerving to see your face looking out at you from the newspaper and then realize how many other people are seeing it, also. A big thank you, also, to Carol and the Patten Free Library for making their space and children available for the photos.

Tomorrow brings the radio interview on MPR around 8:30 am. Somehow, I think hearing myself will be scarier than seeing myself!

A busy weekend with signings in Portland, Brunswick and Bangor. Stop in and say hi if you are nearby. Don't forget to read today! wendy