Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggety jog

What a fun, busy time in Minnesota. Big, big thanks and hugs to my sister and her husband for their hospitality and transportation! After two long days of driving I arrived in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. As with the rest of the country, the temps were way above normal. Tuesday we visited Castle Elementary and had a good first visit with Zero, Zilch, Nada : Counting to None. The class of 23 did quite well and were attentive and tuned in to helping Harry count to none. Kindergarteners are much smarter now than when I was one!

I did receive a copy of the book on Friday before I left; however, my editor did not see it until Sunday at the book signing. It turns out that the books are still not in this country, but on a container ship between California and China. So they drop shipped books directly from China to Michigan where the publisher then sent copies on to the Red Balloon in St. Paul. They supposedly also sent books to Mt. Gretna, PA for the signing on June 5th. Keep your fingers crossed.

Anyway, my editor was quite pleased and amazed at how vibrant the colors printed. I realize I am biased and a bit excited right now, but it really is so much more than I ever thought a "math" storybook could be:) The books should be available by the second week in June which is good as we have a signing in Bath on June 12th.

So life with a new book begins. The highs of signings and visits, the hoping for good reviews and the moving onward to hopefully another inspiration. Enjoy the ride!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Minnesota, Here I Come!

Tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow I head out on another travel adventure across our beautiful country to St. Paul MN. My travel adventures will be a discussion for a later blog, because right now I am too excited about this one to do any justice to the memories of the other ones.

The car is half packed. Inside is the school visit bag for a Kindergarten visit at Castle Elementary in Oakdale MN on Tuesday, gifts for special people, and two beautiful quilts my sister made that I am returning to her - all quilted, trimmed and ready for binding. Today I will pack my clothes, a few snacks for the road, my to - do bag (like I am really going to work) and the all important directions. On the dashboard is taped a note from one of the second graders - very important.

So only the good byes are left. I kissed, tickled and enjoyed one grandson this morning and will hopefully enjoy the other one this evening. I have insured my husband numerous times that I am a big girl and will be careful. So I guess I am ready.

I will try to send a blog from MN and will certainly send one with pictures from the first signing event for Zero, Zilch, Nada: Counting to None! Come see us at the Red Balloon on Grand Ave. in St. Paul on Sunday, May 23, at 2pm. If you can't be there, send us your good wishes, they are felt and appreciated.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


After a few unsettling emails from the publisher, the good news is that the books have arrived at the warehouse in Michigan. They apparently expected to have a shipping delay and were preparing to air freight books to the first two signing events. But yesterday books were shipped to the Red Balloon Book Shop in St. Paul, MN and to the Gretna Emporium in Mt. Gretna PA from Michigan.

I wonder if I will see the book before I leave for St. Paul? I have a feeling the book will be "out there" before I even see it. It has been a long wait, but I am getting very excited to finally see and hold Zero, Zilch, Nada: Counting to None in my hands.

Although the process is long, it is full of gifts all along the way. The first gift is the gift of the muse which brings the idea. Then there is the gift of feeling it become a viable story. The acceptance by the publisher is a very high point in the process - I usually can't help but grin for about three hours after that phone call:) Then there is a wait for the first sketches and suddenly your characters appear before you and become even more a part of the realization of the dream. The biggest and best gift, however, is sharing each little gift along the way with family and friends who share the excitment with you. And then to place the book in their hands makes the wait totally insignificant. There I go - grinning, again.

So in one short week and a half, the gift of signings begins at the Red Balloon in St.Paul. If you are near there on Sunday, May 23, stop in around 2 o'clock and say hello. I still can't believe it - book #3!