Monday, January 4, 2010

A New Year?

So we now write 2010 instead of 2009, but does that really make it a new year? I am thinking of having a different date to start my new year, maybe even change it each "year." I felt like last year I lost the first six months and I really don't think they should count, since I can't find them! So that would make July 1st the beginning of my new year this time around. The fiscal year for many organizations doesn't match the calendar year, so why should I?

According to reliable sources, the illustrations for Zero should be arriving any day! I can't wait to see it all together as a book rather than as random drawings and paintings. Perhaps I will be able to share the cover soon!

The second graders have begun their Community Reads program and will have their first community visitor and interview this week. They have worked very hard on how to ask good questions and are practicing doing interviews with their families. They continue to amaze me with their knowledge and insight.

School visit requests are beginning to arrive in my emails and I am scheduling for spring visits. Please let any teachers or librarians know about the blog or share my email with them. I will be traveling to St. Paul, MN. again in May and hope to schedule some appearances there.

Chapter Three of the fantasy is in progress. I now know the dragon speaks in rhymes and the big brother is a problem! We will work through it together and get this story told! Meanwhile, I try not to think about the manuscripts that are out there lying on someone's desk being ignored or worse. Just keep writing and submitting and it will happen again. Just believe!