Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Late Spring Release

After what seems like months and months of waiting, Zero,Zilch,Nada:Counting to None is scheduled to be released in late April/early May. Hooray! After the excitement settles down from having a timetable, the worry sets in about how it will be received. As long as the kids enjoy it and maybe learn a little math, I will be happy.

Speaking of math - wow, I am learning so much from my time in second grade. I wish I had learned math the way these kids are learning it. I try to apply what I am learning when I go grocery shopping. I can now do all the math in my head and just write down the total so I don't forget it. I used to write every addition down in order to add it. OK , I admit, math and I haven't always been friends , but we are working on it, big time!

The quandry over the agent question continues, however I now have gotten some professional input and have more of a focus on how to proceed. That is, proceed with making the decision if I need/want an agent. My research continues in that area.

The first draft of Chapter Two of my early reader fantasy is saved. I always seem to begin writing in one direction and the characters take me in another. It is amazing how they solve the problems I can't figure out! I actually think it is my dragons that are writing this story:)

Getting ready for nasty weather tomorrow - may be a good day to read, write and sew!